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  • Faith Croll

Land the Job: Convince the Company You Want to Work for them with these Important Reasons

Congratulations, you got an interview! Now what? Wing it? No way! There is still work to do. In this blog series, we will prepare you for commonly asked interview questions.

Why do You Want to Work for this Company?

Interviewers will ask this question to find out why you applied to work with them, but it also helps them gauge your general preparedness. To answer, you need to know about the company and be able to connect what you know with your skillset and qualifications.

First, you need to do some research. Scoping out the business website is an excellent place to start. Take some time on the homepage to understand what image they express. Much of your time will be spent on the “About Us” page, as that usually holds the mission statement and values of the company. Keep on the lookout for unique words or phrases that make them stand out among competitors.

Though, you’re not done there. You should also research their social media accounts. See how frequently they post and what they post. Is their social media image consistent with their website? While you are on the pages, give them a follow. This can emphasize your interest in the company even before you walk in the door for the interview.

If possible, you should also get third-party opinions. Try searching for workplace reviews. You may find out some interesting information. Just make sure to temper your understanding of these reviews. It is easy for a disgruntled employee to put the company on blast on review websites, so take each review with a grain of salt.

Say you are interviewing for an office position at a data management company. Their values involve integrity and consistency. Their social media presence is fun: they post silly office photos and celebrate random days of the year. Your response to this question might look like this:

I can see myself working here because I understand the importance of integrity in data management. The numbers don’t lie, and we can’t either. Not just with reports, but in everyday life. Possible clients are everywhere, and your actions outside of work must be consistent with your behaviors while you work. If someone cannot trust you as a person, there is no way they are going to trust you to manage their data. Honesty is one of the most important traits to have in this field. I also like the office environment your social media advertises. Just because we are working with data all day doesn’t mean we aren’t any fun. It is great you are working to break down the stigma that data managers are all boring.

The above answer makes use of company keywords and relates them to the interviewee. It also shows they took extra time to look at the company’s social media. This answer could be bolstered by a personal story about a time their integrity was recognized by another person.

Your answer to this question lets the interviewer know you are serious about their company. It shows them you care about the mission and environment they uphold. There is no cookie-cutter answer here. Your response must be tailored to the specific company and their goals. As much as you want them to see your application as special, you want them to feel that you applied to them for a reason.


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