Let me introduce you to Business Interface Staffing Services. My name is Melissa Powell, PHR I have a social work, human resources, and high-volume staffing background. During previous positions, I served as a subject matter expert for various industries, private and public sector employers. My career has included 15 years of recruiting, account management, and sales experiences within the staffing industry. I have a consultative approach to human capital management with a focus on advocacy. Give me a call, send an email, or visit our website for your staffing needs or career opportunities.


The first topic in the Let’s Improve” series is “What to consider when preparing a career plan?”.  As a human resource professional, I often rely on forecasts whether staffing, recruiting, or succession planning. Individuals who are employed, underemployed, or an entrepreneur should develop a career plan. We should differentiate the meaning of the words career and job. The website defines the noun career, “as an occupation or profession, especially one requiring special training, followed as one’s life work.”  The noun job is defined as “work, especially a specific task done as part of the routine within an occupation or for an agreed price”. We must look at the definition of these terms to understand a career can be a series of jobs, so there is no shame in exploring employment options when making career plans. 


Here are the five things to consider when preparing a career plan.

  1. Write down the things you do as a hobby.
  • Include interests, personal challenges, or a career you may want to explore.


  1. Find someone in the profession.
  • Having a mentor is important but have conversations with individuals currently performing the job or working in the field. Consider some questions such as are there specific training or education requirements? Ask, what do you enjoy most about your job, or how did you get started?


  1. Does the career path require a college degree or vocational training?


  1. Do you have a unique idea, special skill, or talent, consider becoming an entrepreneur?
  • If interested in becoming an entrepreneur visit your local small business administration or chamber of commerce for resources. The Delaware Small Business Development Center, services include:
  • Start-up assistance
  • Purchasing a business
  • Expansion and revenue growth
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Workflow analysis
  • Human resources services
  • Creating business plans
  • Insurance advising
  • Development plans
  • Disaster preparedness and recovery
  • Succession planning
  • Government contracting


  1. Put your plan into action!
  • Apply for college, vocational training, or write a business plan for your career path.


At Business Interface Staffing Services, we are Human Resources professionals with the ability to see an employee’s potential beyond a position or title.  Our business is to help corporations, medium or small businesses discover their next employee or contractor. We provide human resources subject matter experts, workforce development services, and solutions.  Stay tuned for my next article providing job seeker’s career advice in the series, LET’S IMPROVE!  

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