WHY A SUMMER JOB? a series written by Melissa Powell, PHR

Selecting and applying for a summer youth employment program!

First, let me start by stating my perspective of the New Castle County summer youth employment application process is from a personal experience. I am not affiliated with the New Castle County government and will only document the process. During a conversation with my high school-age Daughter, she expressed interest in employment opportunities. As a professional in human resources, I heard of youth employment initiatives but never considered participation in a program.

We started researching job openings and found New Castle County offers summer youth employment. We visited the website at and found all the information, requirements, and application. While completing the application the job description was detailed, the website includes a portal to upload documents and the entire application process took about an hour. After applying, I began thinking of the benefits for summer youth employment including:

  • real-world professional work experiences.
  • it is a great resume builder.
  • teaches young people ethics, social skills and often includes work-related networking opportunities.
  • it is a chance to earn money, develop valuable financial and money management skills.
  • young people can gain verbal and written communication skills.
  • youth employment is a great professional development tool in career planning.

While each program is different and has specific guidelines of participation based on the reasons mentioned above, I am happy to offer summer youth employment as an option for my Daughter. Most high school-aged children can benefit from employment during their scholastic career. Alongside a quality education, summer youth employment can build skills employers find necessary in the future generation of entrepreneurs and employees. Stay tuned for my next installment in the series “Why a Summer Job?”.


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