WHY A SUMMER JOB? a series written by Melissa Powell, PHR

Interviewing for a summer youth employment program!

First, let me start by stating my perspective of the New Castle County summer youth employment application process is from a personal experience. I am not affiliated with the New Castle County government. As a human resource professional, I am interested in feedback and open communication in various areas of employment. In this installment of the series “Why a summer job?”, I will interview my Daughter regarding her experience.

Do you think young people should work while attending high school full time?

Yes, I think students should work while attending high school full time because it gives them a sense of independence and can help them prepare for what it will be like in college, like going to school full time and working.

What made you interested in employment for the summer? 

I thought it would be a good way to keep me occupied during the summer and a way to earn some money and save for college. Also, it would provide me the opportunity to network in my prospective career or field.

What was your immediate reaction after the interview? 

I let out a big breath of relief. It was not as bad as I thought it would be and I felt very confident.

What are your thoughts about the application and interview processes? 

The application process was surprisingly simple. They did a really good job at explaining what I needed to do for the application and interview. One thing I would say is that they did not have a lot of dates for the interview, but I figured it out. One thing I enjoyed was how it was a collaborative effort with my Mom. It eased my nerves about applying for a job and allowed me to ask her questions and talk about my plans for the future. All in all, my experience was good, and I would recommend it to teens who want to apply for a job.

Do you think a job opportunity with New Castle County will be beneficial?

Yes, I think a job with the New Castle County government would be beneficial because it will help me gauge what I want to do career-wise, and it is a good chance to network for future opportunities.

As I stated before along with quality education, summer youth employment can build skills employers find necessary in the future generation of entrepreneurs and employees.

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